New Ideas during COVID-19

How to increase your online presence during COVID-19?

The answer is simple – produce great content. The internet is lacking quality content anyway. Our team is by your side and we can offer advice, SEO, graphic design, video creation, online ads management and more.

You never had time to write blog posts, and to listen to our SEO expert opinion about keywords? Now is the time. You are at home and have all the time in the world. The same goes for PodCasts. 

Do a photo session of your products or relatable pics for your services – you can do this at home with a regular camera or a phone camera. We know your phone has the portrait, zoom and panorama options, play with those! Your Instagram feed will be thankful.

If you are a fitness instructor, we can enable your website for online training. If your products do not sell online as much as in the shops, let us work on your website and make it magically attractive for e-commerce shoppers.

Trust us, there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to online presence.

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