is all you need for your company's online success

Google Ads & Adwords Social Mediaposts &maintenance Online ads + Reporting E-mailmarketing Websitedevelopment & maintenance SEO Copywriting Data analysis& Reporting Web / graphicdesign

The Ultimate 360 package is all you need if you have a business and need someone else to take care of its full online presence.  This means you do not have to think about: website updates, blog posts, online orders going through, connecting to FedEx & PayPal etc, posting regularly on social media, doing SEO, making sure your Wikipedia is updated, not wasting money on online advertising that does not perform or bring sales, graphic design, video editing. Basically anything you might think of that has to do with digital work.

We are proud of this package and recommend it because:

Satisfied clients


This way clients get the best possible treatment.

Everything is connected


How are you going to sell if your social media is amazing and brings new clients to the website but the website has a bug when people click to purchase or it is slow and not user-friendly?
See, everything is connected online. The 360 package takes care of it all and makes sure everything works. Besides we can only guarantee results if all the platforms are our responsibility.

Keep it real


We do not keep track of hours but work on a fixed monthly fee.​