Social Media

We maintain companies’ social media accounts by creating copywriting, design or curating available content. Spend your time building your core business and let us take care of social networks.

We are a digital marketing outsourcing company. While working with us you will feel like you have a virtual assistant in charge of your online presence. This is one of the benefits of outsourcing a digital marketing agency.

The right look, branding, graphic design and brand message should be sent, consistently on all your social media platforms. Sometimes this is difficult to manage, and that’s why we do it for you.

Once a month at least we like to have a call with our clients, in order to analyse results, reports and set goals for the future. We want to make sure that our clients’ social media reflects their brand values and brings them new business! Social media, and overall online presence takes time to bring back the results you want, but be patient, it is worth it! Once your posting is frequent and people recognize your brand by looking at an Instagram post, you know you are doing things the right way. Blog clicks will show this, website visits, timing of sessions spent on the website too.

We love social media and creativity is our strength! Make the most out of it 🙂

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