Search Engine Optimization

If your company does not appear on Google search or it does but on page 35142 and your business depends on online searches, it is time you get in touch with us. There are techniques to improve your position on search engines and attract completely new audiences and gain online credibility.

Through website optimization, SEO or your website’s ranking on search engines, can be improved. This needs to be done by an SEO expert and copywriter, working closely together with a web developer and brand representative. Websites can be optimized technically, as well as “off page” and “on page”. SEO is now trending as people are beginning to realize the importance of being in Google’s top results. 

Google and other search engines “rank” websites according to the quality of their development, visits/clicks and the usage of keywords. Needless to say once again, proper website development therefore is crucial. So is the keywords research, which The Social Formula team spends hours on. 

But what do you do once you have built and optimized your website? How to keep it active and “feed” the search engine with keywords? The answer is simple – blogging. “Blog” or “News” section is becoming a part of every website due to the importance of SEO. This is a good reason for you to start blogging or hire us to do it for you, while maximizing your website’s visibility through SEO.

Don’t worry, we can handle all of the above, we just need to get to know your brand.

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