How to Advertise on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visually-driven social media platform that has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Though the platform was originally ad-free, it was recently monetized due to its massive growth of users and brands wanting to use the app. In today’s blog post, we will introduce ways you can advertise your business on this amazing platform, and to new features that will help you along the way. 

Pinterest’s new features:

-paid campaigns, 

-analytics board,

-shop the look. 

Let’s begin with basic tips on how to promote your business, and we will incorporate the new features in the mix along the way.

Use Quality Images

Pinterest is an image-driven platform – that means that you need to use high-quality images to get to your audience. A touch of Photoshop or Lightroom beautification is always a good thing to gain an extra boost for a Pin, or a download, even a trip to your site. 

Optimize Keywords and Topics

Pinterest is integrated with Facebook and Google search, giving you a chance to reach a wide audience. Since Pinterest users rely heavily on the “search” function to navigate by category, you need to make sure your category is relevant. Include relevant keywords at this time. Proper tagging will increase your chances of popping up in search results.

Use Pinterest Ads to Promote your Pins with Paid Ads

Pinterest Ads are a new way for you to promote your business. This feature allows brands to create ad campaigns based on three major goals: awareness, engagement, and traffic.
Brand awareness campaigns are charged after a thousand impressions. You can choose to be charged per tap and enlargerepinsaveclick, and a few more other options.
With traffic campaigns, there is only a pay per click option.
With promoted pins, you only pay for direct promotion – like post boost on Facebook or Instagram. If someone shares your promoted pin and another user clicks on it, that click is still free.

Promote your sales with The New Feature – Shop the Look 

With Shop the Look Pins, people can find and buy products within fashion, cosmetics, and home decor Pins. The images with this feature have white dots on them marking the product, so the user can tap the dot and explore each item. Customers can click through to your site to purchase the items. 

Pin at the Correct Time

Even though Pinterest posts never go away, there’s still an ideal time to post. According to some studies, the best time to post on this social network is 5 pm on Fridays, between 8-11 pm on Saturdays, and around 2 pm and 4 pm on workdays. These are rush hours for Pinterest users. So, use your time wisely. 

Use Pinterest’s Analytics

Last but not least, Pinterest rolled out its new video analytics system to help you understand your audience’s behavior. 

You can also use its overall analytics to gain insights in your general presence in the app. It shows you what content, both paid and organic, resonates most on Pinterest. The insights you get from Analytics can help you make better decisions and customize your content, resulting in more online sales and traffic on your website.

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