Did you post your first Instagram Reels already?

If Instagram Reels sounds familiar, it’s probably because they are the social media hot potato right now. The feature was launched directly in competition with TikTok, and Instagram is making sure to promote it to as many people as it can. 

Just when you thought you’ve got your head around one feature, Instagram spices things up again. The social media app can’t be blamed though for keeping us on constant alert, considering how fast the tech world moves. 

The short-form video trend appears to be the hottest content format right now and is here to stay. Study shows that 15 years ago, the average attention span for watching videos was 20 minutes, but now is down to 2 to 5 minutes. By creating short-form videos, companies can get their message across quickly before audiences lose interest. 

As TikTok, a platform strictly for micro-video content, soared in popularity, not to be outshined Instagram responded with its own version – Instagram Reels. 

Despite being called TikTok’s clone, Reels have their own sets of benefits which we are about to explore more. 

So, what are Instagram Reels exactly, how does it work and how can you use it in your marketing strategy?

What are Instagram Reels? 

Instagram Reels are a high-quality content format that enables you to create and share 15 to 30-second fun and captivating multi-clip videos. It also offers a set of creative editing tools such as AR effects, filters, captions, interactive backgrounds, stickers, audio, and many more to make the result as entertaining as possible. Basically, there are endless creative options, so the only limitation is your own imagination.

Once made, Reels can be shared on Stories, Explore Feed, Home Feed, and the new Reels tab on your Instagram profile. 

How can you use Instagram Reels in your marketing strategy? 

Reels are the perfect place for brands to let their hair down and connect with their audience. As it is usually people-focused, Reels make it easy to build genuine relationships with your customer base, strengthen the community you’re trying to build, and create a buzz for your brand.

Many businesses are already using Reels realizing greater brand awareness, new audience every time a video is posted, and even the potential to go viral on the platform. So it’s definitely worth a shot in a social media marketing strategy. 

Here are some of the ways you can use Instagram in your marketing strategy 

  1. Share educational content – Use Reels to teach your followers something new in a more fun way. Your videos can be informative but set with catchy music. 
  2. Showcase your products in action – This is a perfect place to demonstrate your products in real-life scenarios by highlighting the best features and benefits of it. 
  3. Show off your informal side – relatable content can actually enhance your brand communication and connect with your audience on a more personal level. 

Instagram Reels is more than just a place for dance challenges and quick how-tos. 

As users are craving for video content and businesses are adopting this new format, we believe that the future of Instagram Reels seems bright. 

So if you haven’t yet posted your first Reel, now is the right time to do it! 

And the most important thing, have fun with it.