7 Major Instagram Changes in

Do you know which are the new Instagram changes for this year?

We all know and love Instagram. It’s our favorite social media network for sharing photos, stories and an occasional video. We are quite used to it and its features, but we live in an ever changing world, constantly adapting and updating in order to stay in the center of attention. Instagram is no exception. 

Good news is that creative content and quality of your posts is still the most important thing,  if you want to get noticed, or help your business grow.

In order to keep you updated with the latest trends, we followed and analyzed top digital marketing blogs such as KoozaiLaterDigiday. So, without further ado we bring you 7 major Instagram changes in 2019 that are about to happen and change the game!

1. Donation sticker

Instagram is launching a new Donation sticker for your Instagram stories. You just take or upload a photo, tap the sticker icon, and simply choose the donation sticker. You also get to choose nonprofit organization you wish to donate to, and Instagram garanties that 100% of the amount will go to the chosen organization.

2. Away mode   

We relate second Instagram change to fight against online bullying, hence they presented the “Away mode”. It lets users slip out of Instagram during sensitive periods in their lives, without having to delete an account.

3. New camera mode for IG stories

With over 500 million users, it’s no wonder that Instagram stories are on the list of most important Instagram changes in 2019. New camera mode will have a semi circular menu bar, that will provide an easy use of the tools for creating stories.

4. Create your new filter for stories

Continuing with stories, Instagram will introduce a new feature, where you can create your own filter, including AR effects. This brings limitless opportunities, whether you just want to have fun with your friends, or you want your company or brand to stand out!

5. Creator profile

On the fifth place on our list of Instagram changes in 2019 is Creator profile. With this feature coming, many influencers are thinking about whether they should make a switch. It’s similar to business profile, you still get a peak at the Instagram insights, but you also get access to Instagram Creator Studio. It gives you way more feedback then Insights!

However, there is a downfall too. Creator profile isn’t connected to Instagram API, so you can’t schedule posts in advance, neither can you use third party analytics tool.

6. Shopping tags

This new feature that Instagram is bringing in 2019 will allow influencers or celebrities to tag products in their posts, and you can purchase them instantly, without even leaving Instagram.

This novelty will be a game changer in the near future, so you better prepare!

And last, but definitely not least, the biggest Instagram change in 2019 is:

7. Hiding likes!

This is a real shocker! Instagram is planning to hide the number of likes on each post. You will still be able to see who liked it, but the number won’t be showing. You can count the number of likes yourself, in case you are really interested. They say this is because you should enjoy the content only and forget about the numbers! We like and support the new non-competitive and numberless Instagram culture! How do you feel about it?