6 Interesting Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

For many people, scrolling through their Instagram accounts has become a part of a daily routine. In addition, you are online while sipping your morning coffee, at work (when nobody is watching), during lunch break, or in the evenings when you’re just bored. If this sounds familiar, you might as well enrich your feed and scroll through some quality content accounts, whether you’re trying to be more creative, learn something new, or just to be amused.

By analyzing and filtering info from top blogs such as OberloRolling StonePlannthatPostplanner we selected 6 most interesting Instagram accounts you should be following in 2019.

1. Instagram account: Humans of NY

Brandon Staton is the photographer behind this project. He takes pictures of random people in New York and tells their life stories. Since it can be really heartwarming or heartbreaking, the important thing is that the account succeeds in humanizing people behind the photos. Furthermore, this is one of the rare Instagram accounts where captions are more powerful than the picture itself.

Number of followers: 9,2m

2. Instagram account: Doug The Pug  

One of the cutest accounts on Instagram is definitely Doug the Pug, in which a pug is dressed up and put in different situations. In addition, you just can’t keep a straight face when looking at the photos of this Instagram celebrity! Moreover, it will surely make your day anytime you scroll down this profile.

Number of followers: 3,8m

3. Instagram account: National Geography Travel

If you cannot, but wish to travel, this is a great way to do it from the comfort of your chair and the warmth of your home. Therefore, follow this Instagram account! It is filled with absolutely breathtaking pictures from all over the world, including interesting captions and fun facts about those places. To sum things up, it may bring you a piece of an unknown land or even inspire you for your next travel destination! 

Number of followers: 31,4m

4. Instagram account: Ana Marques

If you’re into photography and minimalism, then this account is for you! Beautiful photos and subtle colours, it’s super easy for the eye to enjoy this. Most importantly, it will surely bring more art into your everyday life.

Number of followers: 20,2k

5. Instagram account: Idafrosk

Ida Skivenes makes stunning works of art, using only a plate and food. What’s more, one of the greatest things about this account are these kid-friendly masterpieces that would make any toddler happy.

Number of followers: 258k

6. Instagram account: Yoyoha

Yoyoha is truly a work of art on the go! Josh Hara is the artist behind this account, who draws this magnificent design onto coffee mugs. In short, really interesting way of expressing yourself.

Number of followers: 115k