10 Reasons Why We Love Social Media

It is an inevitable fact that social media platforms have become permanent residents on our mobile phones. Most of us spend nearly 2 hours each day surfing different social media platforms. 

We want to share our love for social media, and show how it positively influenced our lives, especially last year while we were saving the world from the warmth of our houses.

Here are our top 10 reasons why we love social media:

1. Building communities

Finding a safe place where one can fully show up and speak their mind has never been easier. Social media platforms have created communities where like-minded people can support and boost each other. Platforms such as Twitter or Instagram have been the birthplace of many social movements like MeTooBlackLivesMetterMarchForOurLives, and many more.

2. Holding a conversation

Staying connected with our peers is one of the main benefits that came with social media. Nowadays it is easier than ever to call a friend or start a conversation with someone who lives far away. Many elderly people have been able to contact their old friends and rebuild lost relationships. And with apps such as SkypeFaceTime, or Zoom your living room or bedroom can be turned into a café where you and your friends are meeting up for daily coffee!

3. Staying up to date with current world events

Newspapers, articles, videos, and blogs are now just a click away. Social media is the best way to spread news and exchange opinions about them at the same time. Within minutes of something happening, anyone, anywhere in the world can have the latest updates and won’t have to wait until the next morning to read it in the local newspapers.

4. A positive outlook on life

With everything going on in the world it is always a good idea to bring a smile to someone’s face. Sharing a funny video of your pets or one that you found on YouTube or Reddit can make someone’s day. Short videos made with friends or family using TikTok have become one of the hottest trends during the lockdown and have kept the positive energy up.

5. Giving a voice

When creating content and sharing it with the world around you, there is no limit to how far it can go. Through the medium of social media, we have the power to share our stories and viewpoints. Social media has made it possible for everyone, regardless of their background or status, to feel heard and appreciated.

6. Staying creative

Whether it is photography, writing, or art, social platforms are a great way to share your creativity and get inspired. Thousands of artists post daily on their social media accounts and share their knowledge with communities. A huge plus is that even beginners in this industry can get the exposure they desire or find work.

7. Spread awareness

Being a part of the community means to care for one another and overlook the differences. In the last years, platforms such as Twitter and Instagram have become a number one tool in spreading awareness about mental health, abuse and bullying, body shaming, and many more. These are also places where anyone can get help, find support or feel comfortable to reach out for help.

8. Education is closer than ever

The Internet has become a worldwide classroom with millions of free tutorials and classes. Sites such as UdemyCoursera, and Skillshare have a wide range of courses covering the latest trends in the digital era. But the moment when social platforms came through was during the pandemic when a large number of teachers and professors used social media to make learning easier and more practical.

9. Job opportunities

With the rise of social media, a large number of companies started using these platforms to their advantage. When looking for a new candidate for an open position they make sure that their social accounts are showcasing this opportunity as well as providing all the necessary information. After all, most of us millennials, including me, found amazing job opportunities just by scrolling down our newsfeed on Instagram or LinkedIn.

10. Online shopping

Isn’t it amazing how we can purchase almost anything from the comfort of our couch? In the last 5 years, online shopping has won over many hearts by simply being convenient and available at any time. Another big point is that many influencers and artists use social media platforms to grow their businesses and promote their brands.

So what is your positive take on social media? Share your opinion with us on our Instagram page or here in the comments! 

Lots of love from the TSF team!