What is there to know about the social media boycott that has been happening?

Facebook as well as other social media platforms are experiencing an advertisement boycott by large corporations such as Starbucks, Diageo, Levi Strauss and Honda.

These companies are asking from Tech Giants, especially Facebook to change their policies and have a more strict censorship of hate speech and misinformation.

social media boycott

These brands are spending millions yearly on social media advertisements, among which is also P&G, the company that invests the most in online ads, and they are considering joining the boycott as well. Facebook will definitely feel this in their revenue, however smaller companies are not boycotting. Only by June 2020 Facebook got more than $17 billion in advertising revenue.

Unlike Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckenberg, Jack Dorsey – Twitter CEO and founder has no problem deleting racist, vulgar, sexist content or tweets that cause more harm than good, especially US President’s, Donal Trump.

However Facebook is changing policies and everyone is expecting more responsibility from them, very soon. 

Still, we have to see this from everyone’s perspective. What makes a “social network” social? What happens if networks start filtering all of our content and what about freedom of speech? One thing we know for sure – promoting racism, hate speech, sexism should not be tolerated and if the most powerful platforms, tech giants companies do not take a stand and react accordingly, where are we going, as a society? 

So as a social media agency we say, yes, let’s make some changes, online and offline, please 🙂

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