Have you transferred your brand’s image, branding and style to all your online platforms? It is important to have a consistent profile throughout all your social media, with username, url, message, color, tags and more.

Are you using the correct profiles for your business or personal account, and making the most out of the social media tools available to you? – Facebook, Instagram (Business page/ personal page), Twitter, Profile Page, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Google Business, Vimeo?

Do you want advice on your internet presence, directing traffic, maintaining your audience and gaining followers organically? What time to post? – Personalised Hashtags, campaigns, competitions, geolocation (Google, Facebook, Roursquare, TripAdviser etc.), directories (Yelp, Yellow pages etc), SEO, caption creation, call to action.

Is your online marketing campaign in line with your goals? Is your social media bringing you businesses, followers and direct communication with your audience? – IDENTIFY YOUR GOALS – What do you want to achieve from your social media? Sales? Followers? Awareness and Brand Recognition?

     Photo by @luckyjager

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