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How does it work?

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After the initial call or meeting we get to know your brand and advise you on what is the best package for you or we create a custom one.

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Build a Profile

We then do our research and create your own individual STRATEGY profile, with online look, messages, hashtags, ads, communication style, Google AdWords, automatic responses, competitors analysis and more. Think of this as a guideline for your future online presence.

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We choose available content for you / give you a brief and wait for you to create the content / or introduce you to our team who can create the content for you (unless your content is already prepared).

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• After you approved monthly content for your social media pages, we choose a launch date and start to post and curate content towards different online channels.
• Enhancing or building a new website, together with correct information throughout the web (Wikipedia, Google card, maps etc.) is part of our job as well, since we represent your brand online.
• We help you allocate budgets for Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads or AdWords, YouTube, or any other online advertisement.
• We create custom designs according to your needs, send monthly newsletters to your clients, and prepare reports.
• SEO is another service we offer, by optimising your existing and creating new website content. Blogging is a part of this service. We offer copywriting by native speakers in English, French, and German.
• GIFs, E-commerce sales techniques, 3D animations and pretty much everything that is online, is what we can do for you.

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Teething Period

There is a teething period before your profile looks creative, genuine, professional and with enough followers for credibility.

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Then we start to communicate with your audience, regular posting, commenting and sharing.

Watch your brand awarness, look, and followers grow!

You will receive a monthly update through reports for your progress in overall online presence.

Set Up Package

Have you transferred your brand’s image, branding and style to all your online platforms? It is important to have a consistent profile throughout all your social media, with username, url, message, color, tags and more.

Are you using the correct profiles for your business or personal account, and making the most out of the social media tools available to you? – Facebook, Instagram (Business page/ personal page), Twitter, Profile Page, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Google Business, Vimeo?

Do you want advice on your internet presence, directing traffic, maintaining your audience and gaining followers organically? What time to post? – Personalised Hashtags, campaigns, competitions, geolocation (Google, Facebook, Foursquare, TripAdvisor etc.), directories (Yelp, Yellow pages etc), SEO, caption creation, call to action.

Is your online marketing campaign in line with your goals? Is your social media bringing you businesses, followers and direct communication with your audience? – IDENTIFY YOUR GOALS – What do you want to achieve from your social media? Sales? Followers? Awareness and Brand Recognition?

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The Formulas

Our Ultimate 5 Formula Packages provide a thought out social media marketing campaign based on tried and tested online marketing formulas for any small business or individual.

Through extensive research, TSF has created ’The Secret Formula’ to guarantee Search Engine and Social Media Optimisation in order to maximise your business’s online presence, credibility and drive business, awareness to your brand, website and maximise followers.

Creative Content

Besides responsible maintenance, devotion and knowledge about social media, the KEY to online success is content.

In a storm of information there is no use of poor content.

We are here to offer:

• advice

• content creation

• or content selection of material that is already available

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Additional Services

Select businesses require select services and to appeal to your particular audience. Each platform has a particular way of accepting followers

• COMMUNICATION with your audience – provide more than just an automatic response!

• GEO-LOCATION – Google Maps, Ways, Maps, History Channel Map.

• REVIEW Management – Google Business, Facebook, TripAdvisor, FourSquare,, etc.

• (What is included: responding, reporting, personalised reviews)

• GO GLOBAL – connect through other language apps/ sites and audiences.

• ADVERTISING – Smart Ads with Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

• BLOGGING – Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook.

• DIRECTORIES – Yelp, Google+, Yellow Pages.

• CREDIBILITY – Wikipedia, Online Press Articles.

• VERIFICATION of your accounts (e.g.Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)


• Google AdWords management

• Sponsored posts management

• DESIGN – we can design your posts and entire online look