The family business Zalaba Design is a Zurich based design studio specialized in customized furniture production, interior and exhibition design.
Their passion is to create timeless, elegant and high-end pieces, which merge New Bauhaus design and artisan craftsmanship in beautiful artistic synchronicity.

With more than 500 possible color variations, each piece is as unique as its owner. Zalaba mixes the finest Italian leather, fabric and wood with the most precious metal, glass and marble.

Box Of Love

BOX OF LOVE is a new concept of flower service, an online store where people can select from a list of bouquets of roses and send them off with the message to a loved one.

Beautifully and carefully packed,  clean aesthetic design with the fresh bouquets of roses, in our minimalist box where you can later save all your meaningful things..

No brainer, now you will know what you ordered and you will have a closer connection with the gift you gave.

Nadezda Dimitrijevic

Born in Belgrade, March 27, 1990.

She built her career since she was a kid, searching for the inspiration she has today. Graduated communicologist, went to music school, section – piano, on the fashion scene since 2009, in cooperation with fashion agencies, such as Fox, Clik, Fabrika.

She has been working on a festival organisation for 10 years – Belgrade Beer Fest – Belgrade, Exit festival Jagermeister Chill zone, Muscicology festival, as well as on many cultural music events.

Korcula Hill Beach Club

Korcula Hill Beach Club is a new trendy place located in scenic Zrnovska Banja Bay on beautiful Island of Korcula, Croatia.

It's a small oasis with spectacular beachfront and magical breathtaking views. Whether you are interested in laid back atmosphere and pure relaxation, soaking up the sun and enjoying crystal clear water, or simply entertainment with a cocktail in your hand, Korcula Hill Beach Club offers everything you need. Indulge yourself in one of many exclusive, luxurios massages in the shade, or try some of the water sports, such as kayaking or paddle boarding.

Korcula Hill Beach Club is a perfect place to experience the true summer state of mind, away from everyday life, with simple but priceless pleasures to take away with you. Summer starts here. Escape the reality with us and enjoy an unforgettable summer!

Julien Riad Sahyoun


Julien Riad Sahyoun was born in Casablanca, Morocco, of French, Italian and Lebanese descent. Julien has always had an affinity with nature. Fascinated by a myriad of untold mysteries hidden within the Earth, he has collected gems, rocks, fossils and minerals from a young age.

This adventurous spirit took Julien to New York and California where he enrolled at the prestigious GIA, renowned for providing the finest gem and jewellery education in the world.

Belief in his chosen path and passion, spurred him to develop his knowledge of gemmology, design, and practical skills. Working alongside leading industry experts, Julien translated his innate love of stones, artistry, and exceptional craftsmanship into wearable masterpieces.

Today, he continues to travel the globe in search of inspiration. Exquisite, entrancing, and elemental, each piece of jewellery is inspired by the organic forms of nature.

Julien is driven by a desire to unite humanity and leave a positive footprint on the world. Created with his signature integrity, intuition, and instinct each piece of JRS jewellery bears the hallmarks of their creator. Delicately detailed and imagined in finely wrought craftsmanship, they deliver a heartfelt message to be remembered for generations to come.

St. George's The British International School

Welcome to St. George’s, The English International School! We are delighted to have the opportunity to present our schools to you.

St. George’s School Cologne opened in 1985, and has developed from a small English primary school to an English international day and boarding school for pupils of all ages. Our progress has also been reflected by the opening of further St. George’s Schools. Throughout this time, the founders’ vision, that children love to come to school, has been the driving force behind our success.

It gives us a great deal of pleasure to prepare your children for their future. We promote individual talents and interests within a structured and inspiring environment and give pupils room for development. We teach how to learn and, above all, we pass on the pleasure of learning.


Bohinc Studio • Lara Bohinc

Lara Bohinc MBE studied Industrial Design at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, followed by Metalwork and Jewellery at Royal College of Art London (MA). After graduation, she won British Fashion Council’s New Generation Award and launched her own studio. She was design consultant for many luxury brands, amongst them Montblanc, Gucci and most notably Cartier, a position she held for over a decade.

A mark of her work is versatility. A passionate believer in the universality of good design, she made the most of the opportunities to bridge the divide between jewellery, objects and furniture.

Bohinc’s ability to create work of everlasting beauty is rooted in her familiarity with industrial processes. While retaining a deep respect for the traditional principles of her craft, she has also drawn on her knowledge of industrial techniques, fusing modernity of style with function to achieve a contemporary elegance. The same principles apply in all of her designs – use of the finest materials, and an obsession with deconstruction and reconfiguration of pure geometric form. Overall, Bohinc’s signature style is a mix of contradictions: bold yet light, graphic yet fluid, angular yet feminine.

Her first furniture piece was the Solaris Kinetic Table, made in collaboration with stone experts Lapicida for Wallpaper  “Handmade” exhibition in 2014. The success of this piece resulted in two further collections of marble furniture and interior accessories. Bohinc has also collaborated with Swedish company Skultuna for a bestselling range of brass candleholders and desktop accessories. She has exhibited at London Design Festival, at Sketch Gallery and she was invited to take part in Bloomberg’s “Waste Not Want It” exhibition. Her design for “Friendship Bench” was commissioned by Kensington and Chelsea council and in 2016 she set up Bohinc Studio for the exploration of furniture and object design. Bohinc exhibited at Fuori Salone 2017 and with Fumi Gallery at PAD London, Nomad 2018 (Monte Carlo and St Moritz) and The Salon New York.

Amr Saad

Dedication to quality, realized into your products Amr Saad is aiming to disrupt the jewelry scene in Egypt and the MENA region. Introducing new products to such scope, starting off with our hand-made sunglasses. Our sunglasses are all tailored by hand to fit you perfectly, always. Through the use of precious metals, our pieces do not only talk functionality, they also talk artistically. Amr Saad is a self expression eyewear and jewelry brand based in Cairo. Offering high quality,

delicately handcrafted products made out of precious metals. We are determined to stir up the jewelry scene, with a wide vision of what jewelry is all about. As well as, to introduce a progressive brand that focuses on concepts that relate to the basic human perception and emotions. Our main motive is shaping different forms of jewelry and shifting our pieces to be part of their own identity.

Bouvery CV

BouveryCV® uses a gluten-free vodka, infused with organic cocoa and natural flavors to create a rich dark chocolate alcoholic journey. From its 1999 inception in Notting Hill, London, Danny Bouvery's interest in blending fine chocolate and vodka (regular occupants in his fridge) led him to experimenting and finally perfecting his secret recipe in New York.

Ultimately used to gain access to the best New York parties with a proviso he would bring his naughty libation, Danny continued to share this decadent creation with socialites, and fend off celebrity New York chefs and bar owners wanting the recipe. The development of the chocolate vodka had improved enough to convince Danny it was time to partner with a distillery, the final piece of the puzzle. The rest is history in the making.

BouveryCV® is produced at Westford Hill Distillers, nestled in the rolling hills of Connecticut, located on 200 acres of property owned by the Chatey family since 1919. This distillery property is unaltered and intact since first settled in 1711. Distilling has taken place on the property since the mid-1700s when non-tax-paid spirits were procured at the “Smugglers Tree.” The gluten free vodka produced here, is carefully blended with the BouveryCV® proprietary formula, then hand-bottled and labeled for distribution. Danny was introduced to Lou and Margaret Chatey in early 2014 and is excited to be working with them on a small batch craft product.


Innerplace was created by ex Merrill Lynch banker Tim Badham to fulfil a service that he felt was not being well addressed - a professional concierge service that offers privileged access to the finest nightlife and entertainment in London, with minimal hassle, delivering on its promises.

At Innerplace, we concentrate on our niche area of restaurants, members' clubs, bars, parties and other VIP entertainment. We won’t arrange to fix your washing machine or locate an emergency dog walking service. We will just stick to what we are good at . . . the fun stuff.

It's a challenging industry to stay on top of but our specialisation allows us to offer more choice, more clubs, more free entries and more insider knowledge than anyone else.

The level of access we enjoy is only possible because of the consistently high quality of our members; like-minded urban socialites, who are well dressed, well heeled and well behaved. They know what they want . . . Innerplace is here to help them find it.

Black Forest Skis

Fascinated by traditional ski making and our passion for skiing we founded eazyliving sports gmbh and its Black Forest Skis and Sochiskis in 2008.

Our personal passion for skiiing motivated us to develop our own gear and designs by Florian Kohlbecker. Black Forest Skis are handmade out of 100% white ash wood. Due to its durability and its endurance ash wood has a long tradition in being used for skis. Black Forest Skis are strictly limited by an edition of 20 pairs per model. It is a long-lasting, easy-driving ski with the highest demand on quality. Every ski is handmade and individually tuned and balanced before pressed in order to ensure each ski an equal flex. Besides the high standard in quality another priority of production is the unique design of each model which characterizes the Black Forest Skis brand. The result is a fun, well engineered and designed ski for an extraordinary experience!


Tempus represents a new era of luxury publishing. We produce intelligent and aspirational content tailored for a unique readership of high net worth individuals and influencers.

With our fingers firmly on the pulse of what’s hot, we’re the voice of authority when it comes to style, timepieces, motoring, fine dining, travel, and more.

With contributions from experts in their fields, Tempus delivers insightful, thought-provoking content to thousands of loyal readers every issue.

Through our high-quality print, digital and mobile products, we reach a carefully targeted international audience that’s perfectly suited to the brands we showcase.


Emonton’s Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery Clinic believes that patient education is the utmost priority and that knowledge is power when it comes to providing patients with the newest cutting-edge procedures and products out of Europe.

We believe cosmetic surgery and facial skin care is an art form, that any aesthetic work should not change the features that make your face unique, but should instead leave you with natural looking and elegant results, so you will still look like yourself but in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Dr. Sharma and his extensively trained team believe in providing patients with the highest professional standards by combining medical expertise and luxurious hospitality. We provide Edmontonians with boutique cosmetic surgery and facial skin care services from the comfort of our privately owned and operated clinic.


Ageless Clinic

Next generation medicine in the world of Anti-Aging and Wellness

Ageless Clinic is planned to represent next generation medicine in the world of Anti-Aging and Wellness.

From Hormone Replacement Therapies to Stem Cell Treatments, or from Full Genomic Analysis to various Aesthetic Procedures; Ageless Clinic will start serving with over 50 affiliated medical staff in January 2017.

Located at the medical district of Istanbul, the Clinic is as close as 30 minutes to all major regions in Istanbul, and it is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and medical technology.


If you are seeking independent advice about downsizing, moving into a retirement village or investing in a property that will generate income for your grandchildren you have come to the right place. Retiremove is dedicated to providing you with articles and information about retirement property and lifestyle.

If you are seeking independent advice about downsizing, moving into a retirement village or investing in a property that will generate income for your grandchildren you have come to the right place. You won’t find the words ‘old age’, ‘elderly’ or ‘infirm’ on our site as we are either children looking to help our parents make the next move; influencers and advisers such as solicitors, accountants or GPs wanting to assist our older clients and patients or simply retirees looking for a new life and adventure.

Ricketts Luxury

Luxurious Villa Rentals and Full Concierge on the island of Anguilla and all throughout the Caribbean

Omar's Place

Omar's Place is an invitation to the most essential flavours and smells of the Mediterranean, tapas, selected wines and cocktails; a journey through countries bathed by such a mythical sea. From Mallorca to Istanbul, like the Serrat song. More than twenty countries, with many elements in common. With an innovative, indulgent and elegant setting signed by chef Vicente Fortea.

Omar’s Place located in the heart of Pimlico, moments walk away from Victoria, Sloane Square and Pimlico underground stations. Opening on the corner of Hugh and Cambridge Street for Lunch and Dinner. Omar’s Place offers guests a touch of the Mediterranean flavours via both lively ambience and avant-garde cuisine specialising in tapas and sharing plates appealing to all your senses.

3 Cambridge Street, Pimlico - London, UK


Tender is the ultimate maritime mobile booking system that allows you to instantly request boats catered for all your needs and desires.

Tender is the ultimate martime mobile booking system that allows you to instantly request boats catered for all your needs and desires. From booking a straightforward water taxi, to hiring a charter, going on a sightseeing tour or even arranging popular water activities - we have it all within one easy-to-use APP!

MWT Ribs

“We are Montenegro’s premier and licensed water transfer, private tour and small boat charter business in the 6 bays of Kotor. With professional and experienced skippers, fast, secure and reliable: we are the fastest transport link for the region!”

We pride ourselves on always putting our customers first. We can transport you to every major location along the bays and will make sure you have a great time whilst getting you there.

Our Tours are unique and bespoke in showing you the secret spots of Montenegro and sites your average tour operators cannot access. We offer a fleet of day boats and RIBs for charter with experienced and knowledgeable skippers and options to rent watersports, snorkling and photography equipment to make your day on the water complete. MWT can provide a car, on land transfer service should the weather not be good enough for the water transfer or for airport pick ups from Dubrovnik, Podgorica or Tivat.

Experience the fastest and most convenient way to get around Montenegro!


Belgrade Fashion Week

Belgrade Fashion Week is the first Fashion Week in Eastern Europe and has been promoting domestic design, creativity and talent for over 20 years.

It is held 2 times a year, end of March and October and gathers current Serbian and regional designers as well as domestic and global brands.

In addition to runway shows, BFW includes educational and art programs and is takes place in atractive locations around the city.

Jägermeister Serbia

Unchanged in recipe. Unflagging in popularity. Who could have guessed that what began as a celebratory drink among hunters would give rise to a story as bold, rich and varied as our iconic herbal liqueur itself?

It was Wilhelm Mast’s son, Curt, who took the family vinegar business in a very different direction. A few years passed before he perfected Jägermeister’s recipe of 56 botanical ingredients but we think it was well worth the wait.


H stands for holistic, health and happiness: H Retreats is therapy for the soul.

More than just a relaxing holiday, this is a destination for physical, emotional and spiritual renewal. Set against the luxurious backdrop of stunning five-star resorts in exotic international locations, H Retreats helps you to release, rebalance and reconnect with your true self.

We work with global certified healers, guides, therapists, health and fitness experts to create bespoke programmes to comfort, strengthen and support you in your goals. You may be with us for just a few days, but the progress made with H Retreats will stay with you well beyond the time you board the plane home. It’s about longevity; we aim to enhance your quality of life for years to come by stimulating your mind, emotions and body in a short, intense burst. Think of it as a shot of serenity for the soul.

Siamko Group 

Siamko Group is one of the leading 4PL provider companies within the region, founded in Greece in 1999. Since 2015 Siamko Group was established in Belgrade, with its own fleet and parking service. By doing so, Siamko Group straightened its position within the market and region. The company continuously strives to improve and enrich its fleet of vehicles.

We deliver a full range of international logistics services. By having an organized and selected network of correspondents including Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Albania, we can partner with your company to increase your business efficiency.

We have been successfully and safely operating for more than 16 years.

We are offering actuarial cover (CMR, ALL RISK) to enable improved guarantee of merchandise, performed by our trucks that have CEMT and ADR.

Rove Film

The Rove film locations is a production company that offers all exclusive licenses and organizes your film shoots for you in Montenegro.

Montenegro is a country blessed with amazing nature, history and many unexplored mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches and woods. We saw the opportunity to connect talented filmmakers with Montenegro’s unlimited resources.

Numeri Primi

Aleksandra is an entrepreneur, travel expert and of course, coffee lover. Born in Montenegro, studied politics in Italy, during which, she fell in love with Italian style, way of life and most of all coffee. After her studies she returned to her home country, Montenegro, realizing that there is a gap in the market and a need for premium quality coffee, besides personally missing organic italian espressos very much.

In 2015 Aleksandra went on a journey, that only true coffee lovers dreams are made of. She explored Italian region Puglia and tasted over 30 different coffee mixtures on the trip. She compared numerous flavours, explored how even the smallest detail like the packaging can change the taste and qaulity of her coffee.

At the first taste of “Kaldi”, her own personal choice of blends, she knew it was the one. A perfectly measured mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee.

Macom Medical

Since being founded in 2006,  has grown into the UK’s leading distributor of medical grade compression garments. We continue to grow and expand our reach into Europe and the rest of the world. At the heart of our business is our focus on the customer experience, we aim to offer a personal service to each and every client and are always willing to discuss and advise in order to make the experience as smooth as possible. We sell compression garments for use post-surgery, post-birth, for slimming and for wider aesthetic benefits.

Our aim has always been to share our passion for compression as a means of enhancing treatment outcomes, improving healing times, minimising scarring and reducing pain. All our compression garments have been designed in partnership with some of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons and are double skinned in key areas to ensure maximum support. They also feature unique double eyehooks allowing for increasing adjustability and uniform compression.

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