Not Your Typical Team Building

Maybe you won’t care, but we had so much fun at our team building.

If you are still reading, you are about to see some awesome food, amazing landscapes, fun activities, and interesting people.

The journey started on Friday at 8.15 AM. Since our work hours are from nine(ish), this morning was not that easy for some of us. 

Okay, it was not easy for me, I literally have no idea how we got to Cacak, my eyes closed the moment our van engine started. 

Our driver, travel guide, and fun-facts master, is in normal circumstances our developer – Dalibor. 

When he joined our team in March, we didn’t quite realize that his vast experience in tourism would be useful to the agency. As it turns out, Dalibor knows all the best places to visit, eat at, travel through, and also the history behind them. Needles to say, we were in very good hands.

Our first stop was Drvengrad, a small wooden town in Mokra Gora that was built by a famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica. 

With soft jazz playing on the speakers set across the town, painting-like landscapes spreading as far as your eyes can see, the small charming houses, and slick oldtimers on the square – this whole atmosphere was enchanting.

The food was amazing, domestic Serbian, coffee even more so, but the tufahija was out of this world.

We moved on from the most charming town in southern Serbia. Our path led us through a crowded border, wavy roads, next to a couple of cows, and finally, we arrived at our camp on Tara river – Rafting centar “Drina-Tara”. We settled in our hobbit-like cabins while the rain started to drip, and made our way to the restaurant lit with the fire set in the middle. Then the party started. This night will not be spoken of in this professional and responsible blog post.

Tomorrow morning, after a quick game of volleyball, we were ready to go on our adventure. We got in a van and started our ascend with an hour-long ride through the hills. Our arrival was magnificent. The river was a beautiful shade of light turquoise, the nature around it was spectacular to look at, the excitement and the atmosphere itself were amazing.

While we were waiting for the rest of our camp to arrive, someone called our names and led us to the furthest boat. Sitting there was the Greek god Adonis.

Just kidding, it was our skipper Nemanja. But he could easily be confused for Adonis anytime. He explained the rules, sat us all in our places, and pushed us away from the shore and into the current. The excitement was evident. 

The rafting itself was an incredible experience, the bank of the river was surrounded with breathtaking scenery while we felt the adrenaline levels rising. When you are traveling down the river, Montenegro hills are on your right, while Bosnia is on the left. The area looks fairytale-like.

The river carried us through the rapids, which we handled pretty well (our skipper said). The water was sooo cold, but luckily there was a “pitstop” where we made ourselves warm with a couple of shots of rakia. God bless rakia! 

Somehow, we made it to the camp and carried our very heavy boat out of the water. The lunch was served, and after 4 hours of rowing, it was exactly what we needed. We took a little nap afterward and headed right to another meal and party at the camp.

The morning after, we were ready to head back to Belgrade, with a few “food stops” along the way. We visited Višegrad, and the legendary Bridge on the Drina. 

Monday morning we came back to the office with smiles on our faces and a lot of precious memories in our hearts.

Not a typical team building for your not so typical digital marketing agency 🙂

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