How to advertise on TikTok

The social media platform that lit the internet in the last months was actually released in September 2016, but it became a sensation just last year. Now, it is growing faster than any other social platform, giving its users a way to create content and collaborate, and providing brands with a way to promote their name or products.

The business aspect of TikTok was enabled by introducing TikTok Ads to the platform. Although still in beta phase, it is enabled for public use – beginning at $500 for the start of any campaign, and CPM starting at $10, all the way up to $3.000.

Here are some of the ways a brand can advertise their presence on TikTok nowadays.

Brand Takeover

One brand can take over the entire platform for a whole day. That means that the brand’s advertisement will be automatically shown to a person each time he/she runs the app. This will also happen in between videos. One more takeover perk is that the app interface colors will be changed to match the brand colors.
It is the most expensive way of branding on TikTok, but also the most efficient. 

In-feed ads

A brand can show the advertisement on the bottom section of the video while it is playing – with a link taking the user to the promoted website/app.
The advertising space is limited to a small box of text, message, and button, but if used in an effective way to gain the user’s attention, it can be a great way to expand the brand’s reach.

Hashtag Challenge

Working with TikTok’s marketing team, you can create a hashtag challenge promoting your brand/product. It is usually recommended for brands to work with TikTok influencers in order to kick-start the hashtag challenge campaign. This type of promotion can last up to 6 days.


The final option for TikTok ads is filters that content creators can use in video making. Similar to the ones on Instagram or Snapchat.
This way of promotion enables the brand to be shown on the Discover and Trending sections of the platform.

In conclusion, TikTok offers a variety of ways for brands to promote themselves. While still in beta, requiring a hefty budget – only large, world-known corporations are using TikTok ads for now. 

The general advice for smaller clients who love this platform and would like to use it is to wait until a new batch of promotion options arrives. 

If not, there is always the option of collaborating with an influencer and promoting the brand via this “old fashion” way. 

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