How are small businesses contributing to the fight against COVID – 19

Difficult situations like the Covid-19 pandemic can sometimes bring out the best in people. Having this in mind, we noticed some low-key heroes that serve as an inspiration in these tough times. Their social media, websites, and overall online presence  are shining examples for responsible businesses.

  1. Kleesto – Greece

    Kleesto is a Booking Operations Management Software; An intelligent SaaS (Software as a Service) that helps tour operators and activity providers organize and automate processes related to their bookings, personnel, equipment, and distribution management.  Currently, they are providing their back office solution for tour operators and activity providers for free for the next 4 months (and allow extension up to 16 months with referrals). Our offer comes to support them with their digital presence, allow online bookings, and help them with last minute booking operations and back office management.

  1. Covid-19 response Greece
    This is an open volunteer community with a scientific and technological background. They are working on research and design of practical solutions such as face masks, face shields, and online self-assessments. They are even working on creating a home entertainment/learning system for children and a psychological online support system.
    Through this great initiative, three promising MedTech startups donated 3D printed masks to hospitals in Greece.
    If you are interested in supporting these projects write to
  1.  Babele – Romania
    Babele is a technology and consulting company focused on the systemic approaches to innovation, mostly in the fields of collective intelligence, business modeling, and social impact. They are setting up a virtual incubation program aimed at helping Micro and small enterprises that are highly affected by the Covid 19 crisis. Their goal is to help these companies increase their business and financial literacy while working side by side with stakeholders to reinvent their strategy (given the new economic context), making it more sustainable and resilient.
  1. Impacton – England
    Our entrepreneur friends at Impacton started an initiative called Coronathon, an online corona social solutions hackathon.  Aside from identifying and spreading proven impact models, they work with leading organizations, activists, and businesses interested in maximizing the reach of effective projects and building global movements for philanthropic purposes.
  1.  Dogs’ Voice – Greece 
    Some of these small businesses are focused on our four-legged friends who may not be able to survive on the streets without human help.  Dogs’ Voice is a non-profit organization, operating since 2015. Their goal is to highlight the work of animal welfare organizations that are active throughout Greece, to attract organized and reliable volunteers and financial support for their activities, and promote responsible adoptions of stray dogs.  They created a tool in order to coordinate the feeding of stray animals all over Greece and inform the public on the lockdown regulations affecting animals.

  1. Domaccini – Serbia
    There are some businesses that are just now making their first steps in their online presence. That is because of the inevitable fact that face to face sales, which have been their natural way of life, have been thwarted. In Serbia, the ones who are suffering the most are small craftsmanship businesses that have their loyal customers and mostly one store location, or not even a store, but a personal distribution of their homemade products.  This website enables online sales to local individuals who don’t have a variety of products, or a possibility to create their own online store.


We are all doing our part and look for ways to support the fight against Covid-19. The Social Formula offers discounts to existing clients and any new companies that come along during these months. Many businesses need websites, social media, and/or enhanced online presence rapidly. We are here for them. And we will keep spreading positivity and supporting good small businesses.

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