Google Launches the Beta version of Web Stories WordPress Plugin

Google surprised us last month by announcing a public beta of its new Web Stories WordPress plugin. The plugin description read: “Visual storytelling for WordPress”. It is essentially a custom editing program for creating AMP-power stories on your WordPress website.

What are Web Stories? 

Web Stories are a new form of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Their goal is to provide visually-rich visuals through a mobile-like format. They are meant for delivering news and other information in chunks that visitors can easily tap through and consume quickly.

The Creation of Web Stories

The reason behind creating Web Stories is that the number of mobile users is rapidly increasing when compared to desktop. People don’t engage with content as they did a few years ago. That is why this WordPress plugin format focuses on the specific mobile UX (user experience). It creates bite-sized pieces that can be easily consumed in a short amount of time.

What Are They Used For?

Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin can feature content up to 15 seconds, which can include text, visual effects, and links to URLs you want to promote. The number of recommended stories on this WordPress Plugin is from 4 to 30.

When Are They Going Live?

The Web Stories WordPress plugin is currently in a live beta stage which you can download, but it still has a lot of bugs and may or may not work properly, depending on what features you are using. But if you are a curious digital enthusiast like we are, be sure to check it out – experience the plugin first hand and get familiar with it.

Also, if you are a developer, there is a GitHub repository that you can contribute to by making adjustments and providing feedback.

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