Facebook Analytics is Going Away

Big news! After June 30th, 2021, Facebook Analytics will no longer be available. Until then, businesses and marketers will have full access to their campaigns and data. They can explore their reports, insights, and export charts and tables. 

What is Facebook Analytics? 

Facebook Analytics is a link between social media platforms and business goals. It tells you how and when users interact with content on Facebook. It tracks likes, page views and analyzes the interaction between audiences with different businesses. 

Why is Facebook Analytics going away?

Reports in Ad Exchanger and Facebook Insights found that Facebook Analytics was simply not as useful as other existing tools. It seems that, instead of Analytics, a large number of businesses and marketers used tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel. But this data has not yet been fully confirmed.

Facebook Analytics is Going Away

What Now?

In the next three months, business and their marketing agencies will need to adapt to using different tools through which they can understand advertising, as well as their presence and activities on social media platforms. These tools include:

  • Facebook Business Suit: a link between Facebook and Instagram business accounts that provides detailed insights about audience and content. 
  • Events Manager: helps you manage tools like Facebook pixel and Conversions API. Here you will be able to see the actions taken on your website as well as in your app and physical store. 
  • Ads Manager: a window to all Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads, with a possibility to make changes and see results. 

Facebook is a platform that has been implementing a lot of changes in the past year; it is important to remember that their goal is to make the app more user-friendly and straightforward. 

Even though this notice from Facebook comes fairly late, and marketers won’t have long to get used to the new tools, it is still not impossible to meet Facebook’s vision and adapt to the exciting and ever-changing world of digital marketing.

However, the question remains – does this change come as a result of the controversial topic that Facebook is selling data to marketers and they no longer want to provide it for free? We will have to wait and see. Stay tuned. 

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