Do You Need a Shopify Website?

Given the current situation of a global pandemic, people are maintaining a low profile and rarely step outside their homes. With everyone working and shopping from their sofas, businesses need to step up their game when it comes to the e-commerce platforms they are using.

Shops and shelves are being replaced with beautiful online galleries of products, and easy to use shopping software. Shopify is one of the leading platforms available, they “specialize” in making it easy for businesses and customers to use their platform. Is Shopify the right platform for you? 

We can help you build an e-commerce website you’ve always dreamed of.

At first glance, transforming a shop into a digital one, and profiting from it, seems like an easy task. But actually, creating a fully functional website that ultimately generates sales, is a process that takes time and effort. Now, the question is: how can you do that? Where can you find everything you need for reaching this goal? How do you make the process as simple as possible? The answer to this question is hiring an agency and choosing the right platform for your business. Shopify is an eCommerce platform for creating and maintaining your online business.

Shopify subscription models

Shopify has three subscription models, it allows you to choose the one that is best suited for you. Those plans are Basic Shopify, starting from 29$ a month, Shopify, starting at 79$ a month, and Shopify Advanced starting at 299$ a month. Each one of them provides various features: an online store, an unlimited number of products, 24/7 support, sales channels, discount codes, gift cards, etc. The main differences are the number of staff accounts, the number of locations, reports, and shipping discounts. You can find more details on Shopify’s website.


This may seem like a lot, but we are here to help. By creating an awesome Shopify website and combining data-driven, user-friendly design, and branded content, our team of talented individuals will design a natural shopping experience that encourages visitors to return and build loyalty. 

Also, if your brand is very new and lacks content, we can provide stunning visual content for your website. In every content creation process, our goal is to design beautiful stories that leave a mark with your audience and build a trusting relationship.

In the near future, you will be able to find one more feature in The Social Formula store – an artificial intelligence helper created to analyze your digital presence and report the results directly to you. We will keep you updated with news about our system – stay tuned.

The Social Formula store contains a lot more services besides Shopify. While we provide these as separate entities, all of them can also be found in one place – our 360 package. It covers ads, social media maintenance, e-mails, website design, SEO and so much more. 

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