COVID-19 Sparks Technological Innovations

So far, the year 2020. has been difficult on a global level. The entire human race has been struck with many challenging occurrences such as the COVID-19 pandemic. But as the year is ending, it seems that humanity has evolved in these strange circumstances and adapted to them in innovative ways. People are starting to look forward, paving the way to a brighter, digitally-focused future. We have encountered so many technological innovations that are making our lives easier, here are a few that we found interesting.

The Path to Self-Improvement

Microsoft claims that global unemployment in 2020 may reach a quarter of a billion, based on their calculations. In order to help the individuals that are facing this problem, Microsoft made an initiative to familiarise people with technological innovations and the benefits of digital work. 

One of the major key-points in their plan is to “provide free access to learning content to help people acquire the needed skills”. The company is making its learning content, certifications, and job-seeking tools available online.

Great way to create new opportunities and use this critical moment in time to make such a bold step. Just one of the indicators of positive change.

technological innovations

Wireless and Practical

Japan has always been a leader in technological innovations. So it’s no surprise that a Japanese startup Donut Robotics has designed a new kind of face masks that can connect to your phone. This particular project, that is being developed and distributed, is the so-called smart face mask, that goes over a regular COVID-19 mask. It allows you to interact with your phone without face contact and has a Bluetooth speaker allowing you to voice dictate your texts. Also, it has several other interesting apps built-in you will be amazed by. 

Environment Safety

One of the most ingenious new ideas that have come to fruition, comes from MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology). They have managed to successfully modify a robot to disinfect areas using UV lights and operate in large spaces. Truly an amazing advancement! It eradicates 90% of the harmful bacteria the room may contain. Great protection for workers that may be liable to infections. Check out the whole story here.

If you are a tech & digital-enthusiast like us, you may want to check out these technological innovations as well.

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