Apple iOS 14.5: Update That Can Change the Advertising World

Apple is on the verge of an ad-free online world. 

Online advertising is bigger than ever. It is the fastest and the best way to reach your desired customers, sell products, or just attract people to your website. No wonder why this way of marketing has skyrocketed, when on average a person spends around 145 minutes per day on their social media.

However there is one thing we don’t think about. Our online privacy and tracking. We continuously keep checking in our location on Instagram or Facebook but we never stop to think about which information about us we have freely given. Because of this, our phones get regularly spammed with different ads. Just think about how many times you have seen an ad for a new clothing line, newly opened hotel, or  an online game. 

In their newest software update, Apple has decided to limit this possibility. They have decided to give the people a choice if they want to be a targeted audience on specific apps. This new update has Facebook especially considered as it could drastically limit their ability to reach desired audiences. 

How does this Apple update work?

iOS 14.5 includes the App Tracking Transparency which should give you the ability to choose if you want a certain app to have access to and use the information for their advertising campaigns. For example, when you open an app, a pop-up window will show asking if they can track your location saying that you will get a better ad experience.

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What happened?

After releasing their newest update, Apple has experienced some setbacks. Their software has experienced  malfunctions regarding the App Tracking Transparency. Many users have reported that they have never seen a pop-up window or they are not available for all apps. Some have reported seeing heavily designed pop-up windows, and not the ones that have been shown in Apple’s marketing.

This has certainly been disappointing for many Apple users who have hoped for an ad-free world. While Apple is aware of the problems that have been on the rise with the newest software update, they are continuously working on a better version of it and have released the IOS 14.5.1. If you would like to check the newest updates, you can simply click on this link

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